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Posted on January 3, 2007
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checklist.jpg The beginning of a new year is a good time to pause and reflect. What was 2006 like for you? What was good and what was difficult during the last 12 months? How have you grown and changed during the year? Taking just a few minutes to think back and remember is always profitable.

The beginning of a new year is also a good time to look ahead and yes, even make some resolutions. New years resolutions are often viewed as an exercise in futility. After all, we have all made resolutions and not been able to keep them for the entire year. Even if that is true, it is not a good reason to keep from setting goals and seeking to develop yourself in the months ahead. With that in mind, let me be so bold as to suggest a couple of good resolutions for 2007 regarding ultimate pursuits.

Resolution #1: Ask more questions. The beauty of little children is that they question everything. The reason they learn so quickly is for just the same reason. Don’t assume that you know it all. Start with your spiritual beliefs and convictions. Ask yourself why you believe what you believe? Do you have good reasons to hold those beliefs? This could be a little uncomfortable, but you may find that you have a lot to learn in the process. You will be encouraged if you discover that you have a solid foundation for your beliefs. You will be better off if you realize that your beliefs are not true and get a fresh start in building a stronger foundation. It is amazing how much can be learned by simply asking the right questions.

Resolution #2: Seek answers that are true. Don’t just ask questions for the sake of discussion, ask them for the purpose of getting to the bottom line, the truth; professors expect this, so does the business world, why shouldn’t your goal be the same in the spiritual area? What is true about God? How does that truth relate to my existence? How can I live a meaningful life? Do you think those answers are impossible to find? Don’t jump to that conclusion to quickly, remember resolution #1. Let the evidence lead where it may. The worst that could happen is that you realize that you are alone in the cosmos. The best of possibilities is that you discover that God has been active in history and can be known. Don’t settle for answers that don’t satisfy your mind and heart and that only scratch the surface. Most people would rather simply be comfortable than question their beliefs and expend energy to find the truth. Wouldn’t you rather discover the truth than be comfortably ignorant?

Who knows what this year will hold for you. Why not make it an exciting year of discovery and personal growth? Ask yourself, “how sure am I that my spiritual beliefs are true?” If they are not true you may have a lot to loose. If they are true, they can withstand any form of testing you can apply. January is a great time to get a fresh start in your pursuit of truth.


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