Who Is Rich?

 A very wealthy man, someone who had everything he wanted that money could buy, was supposedly asked how much money was enough? His reply was, “just a little bit more.” Why is it that whenever wealth is discussed it is typically someone else that is considered to be rich? At what level is a person […]

Take It On Good Authority

Today it is not hard to find a general distrust of people in positions of authority and not without some good reasons. Authority has been abused in business, government, and at home often times. Yet, authority is the foundation by which we know almost everything. C. S. Lewis writes, “Believing things on authority only means […]

What Role Does God Play?

In my previous post, Resolving To Be Desperate, I ended with the following statement and question. “Maybe it would help to consider the importance of this year from the perspective of the end. What change will you regret most if you don’t make it 12 months from now? … Would you be more motivated if […]

Resolving to be desperate

The new year is upon us and in conjunction with that turn of the page on the calendar many people set some kind of formal or informal resolutions for the new year. While some are still determining those goals, others have already given up on achieving their short lived dreams of change for 2006. Why […]

What If I Find One?

Children often set off on make believe adventures and hunting expeditions; traveling to far away lands in search of exotic and elusive game. The pleasure is in the pursuit. But what if on one of those wild African lion hunts they were actually to find a lion? Thinking of that possibility with the innocence that […]