What Do You Want Heaven To Be Like?

 What do you want heaven to be like?  Hold on, I am not asking if you believe there is a heaven, but if there were, what would you like it to be like?  Be honest for a moment, you have thought about this question before.  Maybe in generalities; maybe when life here was getting tough; […]

Who am I to Judge?

 Who am I to judge?  There are so many religions that they must all be true somehow.  Whatever you believe about God is true for you.  Morality should be whatever a person decides for themselves.  No one can be really sure about what God is like.  The question of the hour seems to be, who […]

By Way Of Reminder …

 The older I get, the more often I find that I need to be reminded.  I write myself little notes so I won’t forget to do some small task.  Heading to the grocery store I make a list of the three items I am in search of so that I won’t forget any.  When it comes […]

What Time Is It?

 On a recent Sunday morning, I glanced down at my watch to see what time it was.  There was nothing unusual about that action; most of us do it dozens of times each day.  This time though, I was in church, of all places; I wasn’t in a hurry and the service had just begun.  […]

The Case Of The Dead Swine

 What does a herd of pigs have to do with the question of evil?  This evening I was reading about an event that occurred in the life and travels of Jesus Christ that made me think about that question exactly.  The event is reported as true and not just a story trying to make a […]

The Law Of Large Numbers

 Do small numbers act the same as large numbers? Do numbers act at all? (already I digress) In his book Stumbling on Happiness, Harvard psychology professor Daniel Gilbert explains the law of large numbers to address that question. As a test for the law of large numbers Gilbert proposes an experiment called “split the tab […]

Compound Interest

 Most people are familiar with the concept of compound interest these days. When taking out a mortgage to buy a home it works against you, but when investing in a certificate of deposit it works for you. Compound interest is the amount of interest paid on the total value of the principal and any accumulated […]

Going To Jail

 I went to jail today. Entering the booking area where you make your phone calls and await a decision about whether bond can be set is when reality begins to sink in if it didn’t while being searched in the garage holding area. Walking through sets of doors where the first needs to be closed […]

Who Is Rich?

 A very wealthy man, someone who had everything he wanted that money could buy, was supposedly asked how much money was enough? His reply was, “just a little bit more.” Why is it that whenever wealth is discussed it is typically someone else that is considered to be rich? At what level is a person […]

What If I Find One?

Children often set off on make believe adventures and hunting expeditions; traveling to far away lands in search of exotic and elusive game. The pleasure is in the pursuit. But what if on one of those wild African lion hunts they were actually to find a lion? Thinking of that possibility with the innocence that […]