Who Are You?

 The rock band The Who is famous for asking the question, Who are you?  If you are in the over 40 crowd you can probably sing at least the chorus (Who are you? Who, who, who, who ) where they ask the question over and over.  More recently on the big screen, Jason Bourne, in […]

Wanted: Your top 3 most important questions in life?

What is Ultimate Pursuits and who decides what life’s most important questions are?  Now those are two good questions.  Ultimate Pursuits is the quest to ask, discuss and answer the questions that lead to living a meaningful life.  Who decides?  You and I and everyone else who enters into the discussion will determine those questions […]

Faith: You already have plenty of it!

Religion is based on faith, science is based on fact.  You must not have enough faith.  Whatever your faith holds is right for you.  These are the usual types of statements tossed about regarding faith.  But what is faith and does it really matter where I put my faith? Popular definitions of faith tend to […]

The Law Of Large Numbers

 Do small numbers act the same as large numbers? Do numbers act at all? (already I digress) In his book Stumbling on Happiness, Harvard psychology professor Daniel Gilbert explains the law of large numbers to address that question. As a test for the law of large numbers Gilbert proposes an experiment called “split the tab […]

Living to die or dying to live?

 In the book Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie Schwartz, who is dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, tells his former student, “Everyone knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it.” Because Morrie knows that he was going to die soon, he decides to give great thought to how he will use the rest of the time […]

Compound Interest

 Most people are familiar with the concept of compound interest these days. When taking out a mortgage to buy a home it works against you, but when investing in a certificate of deposit it works for you. Compound interest is the amount of interest paid on the total value of the principal and any accumulated […]

How do you know?

 Augustine said, “I doubt therefore I am.” Descartes said, “I think therefore I am.” All I can say is, “I doubt that I think, therefore what am I?” At least Augustine and Descartes knew one thing for sure: they existed. For the rest of us the question remains: how do you know? Basically, there are […]

What if God wanted to talk to us?

 If God had something to say, how do you think he would communicate his message? How would we know that it was God who was talking to us? If you heard a mystical voice, would you be skeptical? Some sort of trick or a mind game you might reason. The skeptic might dismiss it as […]

Who Is Rich?

 A very wealthy man, someone who had everything he wanted that money could buy, was supposedly asked how much money was enough? His reply was, “just a little bit more.” Why is it that whenever wealth is discussed it is typically someone else that is considered to be rich? At what level is a person […]

Take It On Good Authority

Today it is not hard to find a general distrust of people in positions of authority and not without some good reasons. Authority has been abused in business, government, and at home often times. Yet, authority is the foundation by which we know almost everything. C. S. Lewis writes, “Believing things on authority only means […]