What Do You Want Heaven To Be Like?

Posted on June 23, 2007
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sun-and-clouds-2.bmp What do you want heaven to be like?  Hold on, I am not asking if you believe there is a heaven, but if there were, what would you like it to be like?  Be honest for a moment, you have thought about this question before.  Maybe in generalities; maybe when life here was getting tough; or maybe it was on a lazy summer day as a kid lying in the grass staring up into a blue sky dotted by puffy white clouds and wondering.  Well, why not wonder again?

Maybe you asked the question on a Monday morning as the daily grind started to churn or on a Friday afternoon after the grind had taken its toll.  Will heaven be a place where work really matters?  Or, will there be any work at all in heaven?  Will your boss in heaven be a “good boss” or will you be the only boss?  Will the days be meaningful or will there even be days?  What will the weather be like?  Will the days be sunny?  Will it ever rain?  Are there beaches?  Can you choose the climate you like?

Will relationships still be so challenging?  Will there be arguments and conflicts or will heaven be continuous peace and calm?  Will husbands and wives still have to struggle to communicate with and love one another?  Will parents and teenagers understand each other?  Will you like people there that you didn’t like here?  Will you be surprised to see him or her there?  Will they be surprised to see you there?  Who will be there?

Will all of your financial stresses be gone?  Is there any need for money in heaven?  Are the streets paved with gold?  Does everyone live in a mansion?  What will you drive?  Can you choose?  Will there be any need for charity?  Who will be rich and who will be poor?    

Will there be adventures in heaven?  Will there be mountains to climb, seas to sail, and far away lands to explore?  Will you get tired?  Will there be music?  Will all the wine be excellent?  What will you eat?  Will someone else prepare all the meals?  Will your dog be there?  How about cats?

Will the way you lived your life here affect your experience there?  Will your good deeds be rewarded?  Will your bad deeds be remembered?  Do you want to go there?  If heaven was real would it make a difference in how you live your life today? 

What are the chances that there really is a heaven? 


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