A Contrarian’s Guide To Knowing God: Spirituality For The Rest Of Us

Posted on August 21, 2007
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a-contrarians-guide-to-knowing-god.jpg “Contrarian thinking at its best simply asks, Is this really true? It speaks up when the politically correct answer or conventional wisdom doesn’t match reality – when things simply don’t work the way everyone says they should.”

Are you a contrarian thinker? Do you like to cut through the politically correct to find the truth that matches reality? If so then you will enjoy A Contrarian’s Guide To Knowing God: Spirituality For The Rest Of Us, by Larry Osborne.

For example, with regard to the life of Jesus Christ, Osborne writes,

“It’s no accident that Jesus was raised in a backwater town and used simple illustrations to convey profound truth.

It’s no accident the New Testament was written in the simple language of the marketplace rather than classical Greek – which was far more eloquent but way beyond the grasp of the common man.

It was all part of God’s plan to make the inaccessible accessible.

When Jesus burst onto the stage, he confronted a religious system that saw God as anything but accessible. Spirituality was reserved for the elite – those with pedigree, education, and a commitment to rigid self-discipline.

He countered this with a different path, one that farmers, fishermen, carpenters, even little children and sinners could follow.

He raised the bar of righteousness. But he lowered the bar to entry.”

Asking life’s most important questions often requires a contrarian perspective to commonly held beliefs and perspectives. That is what Larry Osborne helps his readers do in A Contrarian’s Guide To Knowing God. Does that sound like you? I thought so.


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